Visalus Distributor Information

Visalus Distributor Information

If this is your very first time learning about becoming a Visalus distributor, I welcome you to go thru this page Step by Step and then read the details below


This short 5 minute video walks you thru what the Visalus marketing model and structure is, what Visalus distributors do, how we get paid and how our Visalus business is built.


It will give you a good idea of what the 90 Day Health Challenge is all about . Part 1 is the PRODUCT intro and PART 2 below it is the Visalus distributor piece. Each video is approx 10 minutes. If you have seen these videos Visalus distributor videos before then skip to STEP 3!



visalus distributor kts

First Option is Basic Visalus Distributor $49: If you choose this option, you should also ADD one of the shake kits to your order because this option only comes with 3 single serving samples. This option is well fitted for someone who just wants to “dip their toe” in the water and try this out. You WILL get paid when referring customers to Visalus by selecting this option as soon as you have a combined product volume of $200 (combined= your order volume plus the volume that others may order thru you). You will also receive commissions on your personally referred new promoters who enroll with product, or with an Executive or Star kits.

Second Option is EXECUTIVE Visalus Distributor $499: If you choose this option, you do NOT need to ADD any shake kits to your order. This option already comes with product. The MAIN difference between ESS Distributorship and BASIC Distributorship is that: #1, ESS it comes with product. #2, ESS qualifies you to participate in the BMW incentive and additional bonus pools. #3, ESS get access to more training. The qualifications to start earning money as an ESS Distributor are the same as a Basic Distributor: you must have a combined product volume of $125 (combined= your order volume plus the volume that others may order thru you). You SHOULD however SELECT a challenge kit as part of your monthly challenge which will not be charged or sent to you until the FOLLOWING month after your enrollment kit. You may even not get charged at all should you earn it for free.

Third option is STAR Visalus Distributor $999: This comes with everything inside the Executive kit above, PLUS MORE samples to give out, a ticket to the next convention ($149 value), a 25% Vi-Store coupon, and 25 The Challenge magazines. If you want to hit the floor running, or if you are a gym owner, the extra items here will be a great asset as you can place the magazines around the locker rooms etc. This option will allow you to have 50 people trying out the product right away with a sample you give them from your kit.

Which Visalus Distributor kit option do “I” recommend??? I recommend the one that fits your goals & pocket book best! For me, personally, I started with Executive $499. If I go with the minimum (the basic), I tend to not take it too seriously. If I am vested, then I am going to at least attempt to get my money back in profit. Thankfully, I have done that plus then some. Also, this is a business. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business. The Visalus program is easy to promote and I believe the success the company has had is pretty much related to the fact that their marketing plan is very easy to duplicate by anyone regardless of their experience in the industry and the Visalus distributor compensation plan is very generous. Plus the shakes taste fantastic so that helps too! :-) That said, any Visalus distributor kit option is a better option than no option and you can ALWAYS upgrade from one to the other at any time!

I am excited to work with you and to help you build a strong organization. As part of my personal group, you will be working with me 1:1 and with several other individuals who not only love promoting this health challenge but who do so FULL time from their home. It is completely possible, I will show you how and get you connected to the right resources and training. It won’t be overnight, and it won’t be accomplished by EVERYONE, because in my experience not everyone wants to work, they want easy money. There is no such thing, not sustainable anyway. But if you enjoy talking to people who express an interest in better health, and you have great work ethics, then this MAY just be the perfect FIT for you as it was for me! Let’s do this!

visalus distributor



visalus distributorWhat does a Visalus distributor do??

As a Visalus distributor or Visalus promoter of the Body by Vi™ Challenge, you will simply share this 90 day health challenge with others. Visalus will pay you weekly and monthly for all product orders that are made by customers who order from YOU or who order from other distributors in your organization. You will gain customers as you either share the challenge or even USE the product yourself! One of the MOST effective results are actually experienced when others see the changes in YOU! And this won’t take long. Many people on the 90 Day Challenge start noticing results in as little as 5-10 days!!!

visalus distributorWhy is Visalus a great business opportunity?

You will work TOGETHER. Visalus is a collaborative effort. You actually get paid to help others get paid! Like I always remind people, when you join just a little effort from a lot of people (including your own), the results compound to unbelievable numbers for everyone involved.

And who doesn’t want to help others reach their goals and experiece the most amazing feeling in the world of seeing those around you be financially independent because of YOU and your support!? It is an amazing feeling.

Come visit my Facebook page to see what that is like!!! ( )

Residual Income
Do something once, get paid over and over for it! Why? Because our product works so well that people not only keep re-ordering for themselves but they keep telling other people about it! This means residual sales for you as a distributor

An important part of the ViSalus™ Mission – is the power of entrepreneurship, the desire for financial freedom, and the passion to give back and make an impact on others.

Our Founders created The ViSalus™ Opportunity to provide a simple, fulfilling, and fun business model for people who share these beliefs.

visalus distributorHow does the ViSalus™ Opportunity Work?

At ViSalus™ we know that our products work. Behind the documented research stands the heartbeat of our community: Thousands of satisfied customers and inspiring success stories.

The people who use our products love them; when you really enjoy something, you like to share it. This is the simple yet profound concept behind the ViSalus™ Opportunity. Our Body by Vi™ Challenge makes health and wellness available to all by opening up the opportunity to get your products for free each month when you share the Challenge with others.

The ViSalus™ Opportunity is grassroots marketing at its finest. We offer our satisfied customers the ability to become Distributors, earning residual income by helping others experience our products. Put simply, you can enjoy a community that provides real solutions, and get paid for it!

 visalus distributor

visalus distributorCompensation Plan

The ViSalus Compensation Plan, one of the most aggressive and rewarding in the industry, was designed to allow people to improve their personal economy today!

Compensation Plan Summary Page
 Complete Compensation Plan 2012

Earn Income 8 Different Ways
  1. Personal Customer Commissions – up to 25% paid on all personal purchases & customers. Personal customer referrals count as your customers! First 10% paid weekly. Balance paid monthly. The more customers you have, the more you can earn.
  2. First Order Bonus - Earn more on the products purchased by new Associates upon enrollment.
  3. Fast Start Bonus – Paid on product within Executive Success System
  4. Rising Star Enroller’s Pool – Enroll with an ESS and achieve Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star and qualify to earn from ViSalus’ total company revenue every week!
  5. BMW Bonus - $600 per month Black BMW Car bonus
  6. Team Commissions – Paid up to 8 Generations in depth.  Reach Ambassador to unlock the Infinity Bonus.
  7. Leadership Pool – Earn a percentage of ViSalus’ total company revenue
  8. Ambassador Star Bonus – Paid from Vi-Net Pro/SUCCESS Subscriptions
Get Paid Weekly & Monthly!
  • Bonuses for new production are paid weekly! From Friday 12:01AM PST – Thursday at midnight PST – Get paid on Monday!
  • Monthly Commissions sent on the 15th for the previous month.
  • Receive your commissions via check or the ViSalus Prosperity Card.
Team Building Advantages
  • Rolling QV (RQV) for new Associates who start on or after the 15th of the month.
  • Weekly Rank Promotions (Thurs. at midnight)
  • Two Month Grace Period for new promotions of Regional Director & above.
  • 60 Day Waiting Room.

The Bimmer (BMW) Club
Driving The Good Life Home with the ViSalus™ Bimmer Club

Since ViSalus™ knows our distributors are people who align themselves with only the BEST and aspire to live the ‘Good Life’ with quality; it is only fitting that our top producers be recognized in a way that echoes their commitment to excellence. Welcome to the ViSalus Bimmer Club!

ViSalus™ puts our distributors across the country behind the wheels of the ultimate experience in luxury performance through the most achievable car reward program in the nation. By reaching the level of Regionalvisalus distributor Director or higher, ViSalus distributors can qualify for the exclusive Bimmer Club and become eligible for a monthly BMW bonus that goes toward your very own ViSalus-branded black BMW. Whether your dream car is a sporty Z4 roadster or the sophisticated 7 series sedan, you too can experience the sheer joy of driving one of the sleekest, most advanced cars in the world.

Ordinary people with extraordinary passion are driving home success! That’s ME in the pic! Will you be next?

BMW Program Promotional Flyer
ViSalus BMW Program Guidelines

If you decide to become a Visalus distributor, you will select from one of  THREE different starting kits which you can see below.

When you are ready to Promote the Body By Vi Challenge and earn an income then select one of the three options below on myVisalus distributor website here. Your business kit is a one-time order.

Note that the EXECUTIVE KITS already come with product so there is no need to place an additional order at check out.

However, the Basic Distributor Kit DOES NOT come with product and in order to start out as an active distributor it is recommended that you select your product at enrollment. That means a basic distributor kit + a shape kit (recommended)

visalus distributor kts

visalus distributor

To receive a call back from me to discuss becoming a Visalus distributor, or if you have any questions about the BMW program, please complete this form:

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To learn more and/or select your distributor kit options visit Visalus Distributor Info

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